Oden Cask

A shrewd and sneaky gnome spellcaster.


(Note: Still WIP)

Oden Cask

Male gnome control wizard 3

Unaligned Small humanoid

Init +2; Senses Low-light vision, Insight +8; PasIns 18, PasPerc 13

Languages Common, Elven

Speed 5 squares

HP 30

Bloodied 15

Healing Surge 7; Surge/day 7

AC 13 (+1 armor, +1 Dex)

Fort 13, Ref 15, Will 16

Action Points 1


Attack cloud of daggers +5 vs. Ref (1d6+5)

Base Atk +1

Abilities Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13

Racial Traits reactive stealth, fade away

Class Traits arcane implement mastery (orb of imposition), cantrips

Rituals conceal dragonmark

Feats Aberrant Mark of Madness, Expanded Spellbook, Ritual Casting,

Trained Skills Arcana +10, Diplomacy +7, History +10, Insight +8

Possessions spellbook, darkleaf cloth armor, orb of inevitable continuance, cloak of resistance +1, 8 copper rings, 470 gp

Powers List

Fade Away, Gnome Racial Trait

Wizard Cantrips

Cloud of Daggers, Wizard Attack 1

Thunderwave, Wizard Attack 1

Ray of Enfeeblement, Wizard Attack 1

Sleep, Wizard Attack 1

Expeditious Retreat, Wizard Utility 2

Icy Rays, Wizard Attack 3


Oden Cask was born into a family of shipwrights in Trolanport during the Last War. An only child, he was set to be the inheritor of the business someday, but Oden was more interested in knowledgeable pursuits than in the making of seafaring vessels. He naturally gravitated toward books of arcane lore and history, and was especially intrigued by the Korranberg Chronicle’s frequent stories of espionage and intrigue. He soon expressed his desire to learn more about magic, and to be allowed to pursue a wizard’s career. While his parents were interested in keeping him protected – especially since he had been born with an aberrant dragonmark – they eventually relented, and under the patronage of a wealthy aunt and uncle who were members of the Trust, he began his studies in earnest in Korranberg.

The young Oden was enamored with the city and its lifestyle, and spent countless hours between his magical studies in the Library of Korranberg. It was during this time he developed three key beliefs: that he was destined for wealth, that he wanted to acquire more wealth, and that he wanted to find ways to pry that wealth away from those he didn’t feel deserved it…namely the Dragonmarked Houses. He had found several accounts on the War of The Mark, and grew increasingly bitter with the idea that those who sported the mark he himself bore had been hunted and killed to preserve a vicious monopoly over Khorvaire. Oden vowed he would find some method of putting the Houses in their place.

As the war raged on, Oden hopped between several adventurous careers, including a Chronicle reporter, a spy for the Trust, an adviser to a Lhazaar pirate captain and a freelance explorer. During this time (through various unusual circumstance), he worked his way into the ranks of the Aurum’s Copper Concord, and from there into House Tarkanan. While the former matched into his ideal of becoming wealthy, it was the latter house he felt the strongest kinship with, as they were just as determined as he was to see the Dragonmarked Houses defeated. He does not see either organization as “evil;” rather, Oden considers them in the moral right, secret groups that work in the shadows to make a better nation.

With the Last War having drawn to a close, Oden has begun dedicating his time to furthering his personal agendas. He does odd jobs for House Tarkanan, and keeps contacts with fellow Aurum members. He has also gained an interest in archeology, and intends to launch a well-funded expedition – unlike many members of his organizations, Oden has a genuine interest in history for history’s sake. And even with his newer, darker interests, he still periodically sends some money back to his parents in Trolanport.

Oden Cask

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