Mark of Breaking

Getting Started

To get started I need players. I’ve got 2 local friends interested already, but I’d like 2-3 more! If you’re in the Long Beach area, please send me a message with your contact information so I can discuss adding you to this group.

Long Time No Post

Though I intended to use this site to track our adventuring progress, by the time the campaign got started, I kind of forgot about it. I’ll try to be better about it in the future.

To catch up:

The players thus far have followed their mentor NPCs to Sharn for a secret meeting. During the meeting, all the PCs were asked to wait in the lobby or hotel bar of one of the nicer hotels in town while their mentors met in a secure and private meeting room. During the meeting—BOOM! A bomb goes of and the mentors are captured! The PCs pursue what appears to be an ogre carrying large sacks with struggling people inside. By the time the PCs track down and catch up to the ogre in the lower city, he’s interrogating one of the mentors, Cali. They free her from what they now know is a doppleganger, but he gets away.

With 1 mentor rescued, they start to use their connections to locate another captured mentor, Joseph McFarland. He’s being held in the cogs by a ruthless criminal organization. They manage to free him in a factory fight and narrowly escape.

With a bit of luck, they locate Gyran Stouthand through scrying. He’s being held in a very fancy hotel up in Skyway. They plot a rescue attempt that goes completely wrong, but they still manage to eek out a success. During the fighting, they encounter a man dressed all in black who moves around the room in a blurry flurry. He’s recognized as Salima Sul’s (player) brother, once thought to be dead. It is revealed that he goes by the name “Wrathgaze” now, but his intentions are unknown, besides that he was intending to assassinate Master Stouthand. The PCs escape the hotel on a rented sky-cab, but Wrathgaze is on board. After a thrilling mid-air fight, Wrathgaze disables the sky-cab and escapes. They players manage to get the cab working enough to manage a controlled crash landing into the sea, just outside of the docks.

After a bit more investigation, they learn that Krusk has been found killed and Darion d’Orien is missing, and possibly behind the kidnappings. They get Krusk resurrected, and decide to accompany him and some Cyre refugees to the Eldeen Reaches. Apparently the mentors were meeting about information they found during their adventuring days that involved the draconic prophesy and a rare aberrant dragonmark called “The Mark of Breaking.” (Dun dun dun) Krusk has all the original adventuring campaign notes er… discovered information written on scrolls back in his homeland. If the PCs help ensure the saftey of the refugees, then Krusk will give the PCs the information.

During their travels, the PCs encounter a section of soldiers battling a losing fight against a horde of goblins. They kill the goblins, but the soldiers cannot be saved. They discover their orders were to assist a nearby village in solving some mysteries with a murder and disappearances.

The PCs find the town has a ghostly woman who seduces men to their deaths dwelling in the lake, and a secret tunnel in one of the town wells leads to an underground complex inhabited by ghouls. Really nasty ghouls, with very sharp claws.

Campaign Over

Just a little note to say that this campaign ended a while ago.

Sharn in Eberron is still one of my favorite places for urban campaigns. I’ve since ran a few one-shots there and it always gets better!


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