Darion d'Orien

Bloodline Member of the House Orien and bearer of a Mark of Passage


Human Control Wizard


Not much is known about Darion’s activities during the war, for he never speaks of them. “Rumors and suspicions abound, but no proof to be found” as they say. He is a rather secretive man about everything, even what should be common knowledge. He also has the habit of taking many mistresses, each of whom also serve on his staff with utmost loyalty. Though he’s fathered many children over the years, he has yet to show outward affection to any of them.

Darion’s continues managing projects in the interest of House Orien in the aftermath of the Great War. What those projects are, exactly, are unknown to all but Darion and his “harem” of assistants. Whispers are that he’s either developing new pathways for the lightning rail, or advancing the availability and safety of teleportation. Though admonished for his blending of business and personal affairs, he is apparently successful as he continues to hold a high position in House Orien.

Darion d'Orien

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