Gyran Stouthand

Trade Prince from the Lhazaar Principalities


Dwarven Warlord


His appetite for fine brews and games of strategy are only rivaled by his appetite for gaining and spending wealth. Though many find the idea of a dwarf sailing the seas preposterous, he finds this shock can give him the upper hand in many negotiations, both at the trading table and the tip of a blade. During the war he had many trade lines running around Khorvaire, both official and unofficial. These made him a vast sum of wealth, which he squandered as the war had no end in sight. Since The Mourning, his normal weapons and supply trade has been lacking and he’s had to adapt to somewhat less legitimate business dealings with shady customers.

His morals are flimsy, at best, but he likes to hide behind a business-is-business ideology and spouts of one of many cache phrases when accused of promoting violence and war: “It’s not the sword that kills, it’s the man holding it.” “I deal in more iron rations than iron weapons; why should I be condemned for one and not commended for the other?” “Would you have them at each other with fist and fingernail? Now THAT’S barbaric!”

Gyran Stouthand

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