Campaign Design

This campaign will focus on present day Eberron characters trying to uncover the truth of a mystery from the past. All PCs are related socially, genetically, or economically to a group of NPCs who knew each other during the Great War. They could be the offspring, spouse, concubine, property, hired hand, etc. for any of the NPCs listed in this document. As the PCs are exposed to more information about the past of these NPCs, we will explore the events via flashback sessions where the PCs get to control one of the NPCs for that session. Most of the action will take place present day, however.


Each player is to submit 2-3 character ideas that include race/class combinations, basic role playing traits, as well as their connection to one of these NPCs. The GM will then chose a group from those submissions to begin the campaign.

In the event that there are less than 5 players, NPCs will join the party and be controllable in a “Final Fantasy Style.” That is to say, they will be controlled by the players during combat and skill challenges to an extent, but by the GM during RP interactions. They may also join and leave the party at varying intervals.

Game Time

Games are going to be each Sunday from 10am until 1pm. We may get together to discuss the next session over lunch at some local establishment.

The idea is to have consistent short games full of action and flavor each week, rather than one long session every-other-week. Everyone should come prepared to start right away and stay focused and have fun! The GM will start setting up at 9:30. Players are free to arrive early.

Mark of Breaking

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